Create a research organization that works for the people, not the organizations that serve them. A research organization of the people, by the people, and for the people.


  • Make a difference
    • Economically - help our clients prosper
    • Socially - help our communities prosper
  • Make friends
  • Make money


  1. Improve the quality of the services delivered by local organizations
  2. Improve the quality of the purchase and job decisions made by the people within the local community.


Launch complementary low-cost, high-quality, survey-research based initiatives under the POPULUS name that deliver statistically valid information to a community in order to help people make better purchase and employment decisions and help the organizations that serve the people plan, execute, and communicate more effectively and efficiently. Examples:

  1. Community Insight

    Community Insight is a community-oriented research panel that gives a statistically valid voice to the people within a community in order for the local governmental and non-profit organizations that serve the people to do so more effectively and efficiently. Receives panel recruits from media and government sponsorship as well as the other initiatives below.

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  2. Best Places to Live Program

    The Best Places to Live Program helps newspapers increase their advertising revenue and improve the prosperity in their local communities by providing local, credible, and exclusive content. This program is a series of annual, Web-based local community stakeholder satisfaction and preference surveys that establish the communities' priorities for their local institutions, measure the performance of each institution, and benchmark the results to neighboring, participating communities.

  3. Best Places to Work Program

    The Best Places to Work Program provides a low-cost high-quality suite of survey-based quantitative tools to help diagnose, prescribe, and correct deficiencies in the workplace of small and medium-sized companies. Obtains input from Community Insight and Local Employer Ratings. Targeted at companies and small consultants.

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