How to Unleash Workforce Performance

Discover the key to unlocking the performance potential of your employees

This data-driven report lays out an easy to follow plan that will help your organization achieve the best results possible from participating in the Best Places to Work in Idaho program. This report is based on dozens of client interviews combined with an analysis of over 12,500 employee surveys from over 100 organizations across a 3 year period.

The Best Places to Work in Idaho (TM)

The Best Places to Work in Idaho program is an annual, statewide, extremely cost-effective employee survey for organizations with 10 or more employees in the state. The Best Places to Work in Idaho is a community of organizations working together to identify, recognize, and inform Idaho employers of Idaho’s best employment practices using a data-driven process. This community is composed of Idaho universities, chambers of commerce, Idaho chapters of the Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM), and is organized by POPULUS®, a marketing and HR research firm.

In order to help Idaho organizations effectively and efficiently monitor and maintain their workforce engagement, the Program provides a wealth of detailed comparative metrics, customized analyses and recommendations, presentations, and consulting opportunities.

The community has rallied around the following three key concepts.

  1. The nobility and honor inherent in employment.
  2. The capacity employment possesses to generate financial and emotional prosperity when it's done right.
  3. The excess profitability from doing employment right.

The program consists of the following:

  • Program website at www.bestplacestoworkinidaho.com (all year).
  • Promotion through the community's contact lists (Dec - Jan).
  • Survey created and executed by POPULUS (Jan - Feb).
  • Winners and honorees selected by POPULUS based on their employee feedback scores (Mar).
    • Up to 15 "winners" will be chosen in each of three employer size categories based on number of Idaho-based employees.
    • Other "Honorees" may also be identified based on employee feedback scores.
  • Three on-campus award ceremonies at Boise State University, Idaho State University, and the University of Idaho (Apr).
    • Award ceremonies are hosted by the Career Centers from these universities in conjunction with the local Chambers of Commerce.
  • Commemorative publication profiling each of the winners (Apr).
  • University Career Center banners featuring the winners and honorees (all year).
  • Campus generated media announcements of the winners and honorees (Apr).

Click here to watch Ron Price describe the program and its benefits.

The Program has been operating since 2008 and has collected more than 30,000 workforce surveys and has helped over 190 Idaho organizations improve workforce performance. A wide variety of organizations have participated including colleges, non-profits, governmental agencies, manufacturing firms, engineering firms, hospitals, software firms, legal firms, banks, credit unions and many others.

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Best Places to Live Program

The Best Places to Live Program is a high-profile community improvement program available to newspapers that increases each newspaper’s local relevance. The program also creates additional revenue opportunities through sponsorships and advertising.

The Best Places to Live Program delivers must-read content that is local, credible, and exclusive. The content comes from an annual series of independent, unbiased reader surveys. These surveys gather reader opinions on topics such as:

  1. City Satisfaction (for residents only)
  2. Other Government Satisfaction
  3. Newspaper Satisfaction
  4. Health Care Reform
  5. Other current topics

Each community’s opinions are benchmarked to neighboring, participating communities.

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Community Insight®

“Research of the People, by the People, for the People”

The mission of Community Insight is to enhance the trust between the people in the community and the local government, media, non-profit organizations, employers, and merchants who serve them. Community Insight enhances this trust by increasing the accountability and transparency of the organizations through the unbiased and scientifically valid collection and reporting of the will of the people.

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